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7 Ways to Look Good in Photos

7 Ways to Look Good in Photos Not everyone is as photogenic as the stars on the cover of your favourite magazine. But paying attention to your minor moves can help you get a Poster-Perfect Picture! Read on and Learn how to make the camera see you the way you see yourself. 1. Focus your eyes just slightly above the camera lens Move your face forward a bit, and tip down your chin. 2. Put your tongue behind your teeth and smile It will relax your face. 3. For standing photos: Belly in, buttocks tight, shoulders back, spine

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How To Measure Woman Size For Stitching

How To Measure Woman Size For Stitching A Perfect Fit is what every girl needs; Follow the Guidelines and Learn how to do your measurements right. Start with SHOULDERS Measure from the tip of one shoulder to the tip of the other shoulder - straight across the back. ARMHOLE   Measure the circumference of the entire armhole from the top of the shoulder, down the front of the shoulder, under the arm pit, and up the back of the shoulder. UPPER ARM: Measure the circumference of the biggest part of the upper arm (your

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