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10 Common Hair-Care Myths

10 Common Hair-Care Myths Think brushing your hair 100 strokes each night is healthy? Will frequent trims really make your hair grow faster? Read on to discover the simple truths behind great hair. Myth: Frequent trims make hair grow faster. Truth: "Hair grows a half-inch per month, whether you cut it or not," says John Barrett, owner of the John Barrett Salon in New York City. Hair may grow slightly faster in the summer, but that has nothing to do with the stylist's scissors and everything to do with hormones, which do

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The Hair Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

The Hair Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making These sneaky beauty busters are doing a number on your mane. Get them out of your routine ASAP and find out how to iron out these pesky hair problems. You wait forever between cuts.  The problem with letting your hair grow out for months before getting it trimmed again is that your stylist won’t be able to follow the shape of your last cut. If you really love a style, you should aim for an upkeep trim every six weeks or so. You wash your hair every single day. Sure, a fresh style feels

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