Custom Designer Dress Size Form

Custom Designer Dress Size

Thank you for Shopping at Fashion Dezine. Enter your Size Details correctly below for a perfect fitted Designer Dress. MAKE SURE TO ENTER ALL YOUR SIZES IN INCHES!
  • Body Measurement

    *Enter your size in INCHES!

  • Measure the circumference around your neck.
  • Enter the Product code that you selected.
  • Measure from the tip of one shoulder to the tip of the other shoulder – straight across the back.
  • Measure the circumference of the entire armhole from the top of the shoulder, down the front of the shoulder, under the arm pit, and up the back of the shoulder.
  • Measure the circumference of the biggest part of the upper arm (your bicep muscle).
  • Measure the circumference 2-3 inches below your elbow for 3/4 sleeves.
  • Measure the length of your arm from the top of the arm to the desired length.
  • Measure your sleeve hem circumference, for a Bell Bottoms Sleeve.
  • Lift up arms, have the tape placed around the chest and bring the arms down. Measure circumference of the widest part of the chest.
  • Measure where low-waist fit pants are worn: approximately 2-3 inches below the belly button. Kids should be measured around the biggest part of the tummy – usually around the belly button.
  • Stand with feet together, measure around the fullest part of the seat.
  • Measure the circumference starting from the top of the inner thigh and in a diagonal towards the outer hip.
  • Measure the circumference around the widest part of your calf.
  • Measure the circumference around your ankle.
  • Measure from the top of the shoulder till the hip bone.
  • Measure starting from shoulder to whatever length that you desire.
  • From the low waist, on the side of the body, measure the desired length.
  • You can also send us your photo or Illustrated Design that you want in the Dress.
  • You have given Size of your body or Dress
  • Enter your specification here, if you wish to further customize your dress.