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Look Good Without Makeup!

Look Good Without Makeup! Yes, you can look pretty without makeup if you practice good skin care and lifestyle habits on a daily basis. You may actually find that it saves you time when you elect not to wear makeup. It's just a matter of keeping good hygiene and being confident. There is nothing that can rival natural beauty, that is a fact and there is no one who does not appreciate natural beauty. Read On and Learn How To Look Beautiful With No Makeup On! Take Care of Your Skin Inside Out Stick to a Healthy and

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Fight Dark Circles!

Fight Dark Circles! What Causes Dark Circles? Dark under-eye Circles are commonly caused by heredity, but besides genetics, a number of factors can lead to these under-eye shadows. Like Poor Lifestyle that involves Prolonged Work/Study Hours, Disturbed Sleep Schedule, Medication, Smoking or Lack of Essential Nutrients in Diet that causes discoloration of under eye skin. The other reason for dark circles could be excessive strain of the eyes due to activities such as sitting before a computer screen or watching

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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Girl Friend

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Girl Friend There's no reason that guys should be the only ones playing Cupid on Valentine's Day. Why not exchange some sweet gifts with your girl friends? We've got the perfect thing... The second we laid eyes on Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss (which features a holographic image of a dude who—oops!—is suddenly shirtless when you tip the gloss sideways) we immediately wanted to dole one out to all of our friends. OK, and to ourselves. Not only does Urban Decay make amazing (cushion-y, not sticky)

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