<a href="http://blog.fashiondezine.com/beauty-style/beauty-yoga/"><b>Beauty Yoga</b></a><p>Yoga, the art of meditation- Does not only bring you health, calmness and inner peace, it also enhances your beauty and figure making one feel good and thus look good.. Also, the beauty</p> <a href="http://blog.fashiondezine.com/beauty-style/fight-dark-circles/"><b>Fight Dark Circles!</b></a><p>What Causes Dark Circles? Dark under-eye Circles are commonly caused by heredity, but besides genetics, a number of factors can lead to these under-eye shadows. Like Poor Lifestyle that involves Prolonged</p> <a href="http://blog.fashiondezine.com/beauty-style/good-makeup/"><b>Look Good Without Makeup!</b></a><p>Yes, you can look pretty without makeup if you practice good skin care and lifestyle habits on a daily basis. You may actually find that it saves you time when you</p> <a href="http://blog.fashiondezine.com/beauty-style/beauty-tips/juice/"><b>Juice it up!</b></a><p>This  scorching heat of summers make you feel tired and  dehydrated. The obvious way to keep yourself fresh and active is to drink a lot of water. But It’s a fact too, that</p> <a href="http://blog.fashiondezine.com/beauty-style/healthy-complexion-5-steps-5-natural-skin-care-recipes/"><b>How to Have a Healthy Complexion: 5 Steps with 5 Natural Skin Care Recipes</b></a><p>Natural Skin Care Tips and Recipes Our lovely faces are constantly under attack by everyday stress, heavy pollution, very little sleep, poor diet and maybe just a bit too much</p> <a href="http://blog.fashiondezine.com/living-lifestyle/eat-day-health/"><b>What To Eat Each Day For Looks And Health</b></a><p>Carrots Maintain the outer layer of the skin to prevent premature aging. What you’ll find in is the same as you’ll get in Retin A. Cheese To ensure a happy</p> <a href="http://blog.fashiondezine.com/beauty-style/tall-fashion-tricks-short-people/"><b>TALL Fashion Tricks For Short People.</b></a><p>It’s a harsh fact but it’s a true one –slimmer girls tend to look taller, while plumper girls appear shorter than they really are. Looking Taller and Slimmer is an</p>
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Juice it up!

May 19, 2014

Look Good Without Makeup!

March 02, 2012

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Look Good Without Makeup!

March 02, 2012

Fight Dark Circles!

February 28, 2012

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